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Cake sponge of choice with peach coloured vanilla buttercream exterior, buttercream swirls and pearls on the base



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Princess Peach

PriceFrom C$85.00
  • These cakes are a great option if you have picky palates to please, or if you want a more budget friendly cake. Never lacking in flavour or quality, 80% of the cakes I make are standard flavours!

    Buttercream Suggestion: Hazelnut or chocolate
    Rich, fudgy chocolate cake. Made with semi-sweet chips and hints of coffee to enhance the cocoa flavour. Delicious and dark, this chocolate cake won't disappoint. Don't forget the milk!

    Buttercream Suggestion: Lemon
    ​Light and fluffy, this isn't your typical dense vanilla cake. I have worked for over a year to perfect this recipe. Flavoured with vanilla bean paste, all those little black specs you see are a warm flavor explosion! You don't have to travel to Madagascar to get this kind of experience.

    Buttercream Suggestion: Pineapple
    Skip the plane and enjoy a taste of paradise in the comfort of your home. This delicious coconut cake is swimming in flavour from my house made coconut infused buttermilk. Light and fluffy, this is what heaven tastes like. Just don't forget the sunscreen.

    Buttercream Suggestion: Lavender
    Pucker up! This cake is a lemon explosion. Infused with fresh lemon juice and lemon zest from locally grown lemons here in Langley, BC, this is a sure crowd pleaser, especially when it’s warm outside.

    Buttercream Suggestion: Vanilla
    A dessert for all ages! My delicious vanilla bean cake loaded with rainbow sprinkles. This cake is always a fun surprise when you cut into it and see the burst of colors. Feed your inner child!

    Buttercream Suggestion: Vanilla or Maple
    You'll love my homemade almond cake. This inviting cake is loaded with almond flavour, it's a great choice for the picky eaters. Just like grandma used to make it.

    All cakes are made from scratch using my tried and true recipes. With a strong focus on quality, I only use the best organic / natural ingredients, supplied by small businesses, most of which are BC local!